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  • 10-day email onboarding sequence, so you can be more focused digesting the material.
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What Our Coaches Are Saying...

H. Orlando James ATC, CSCS, NASM-CES/PES

You're the first I've seen to successfully articulate and adopt human movement into anything practical. What you've put together is very impressive. Most of what I've come across, even from those in the profession that understand human movement are assessment methods and tools to analyze movement and posture only to sell a few methods to correct dysfunction issues. Few are willing or able to explain human movement the way you have. These principles are the key for both performance and injury management. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to help those looking to perfect their craft and for those of us out their trying to help them.

Primo Buffano

"Hey coach, even with Mia still hitting with her hands near her head, Mia in a 3 game span, hit 3 home runs over the fence and a stand up double, three singles and four walks. Only made one out, a shot down first. She never had a series of games like this an especially playing with girls that are this much older. Mia is able to play in 12 and under, but she is playing in the high school division. Our sights are getting ready for October 4 and 5. That is when we go to the U of Florida camp. Their assistant coach has called Mia's coach twice in the past week and wants us to call him this week. Let keep on coarse and work hard, thanks so much for all your help coach."

Greg Del Mar

"Hey Joey, first, thanks for the course on hitting. My 12 year old has always been a solid hitter but after working the PPD stuff he has started hitting the ball over the fence on the big field at 315 ft to center. It has taken a few months work but well worth it, as he is seeing the results of the work and his teammates and coaches on his new travel team are amazed at the bombs flying out there. He's 5'3 and 120 pounds. I think the key has been getting low and turning the numbers and releasing. He always had trouble with the low strike, and he's stoked to now be on plane for that one as well now."

Greg Uehling

"Just want to say thank you. My son who is 14, 5'6" and maybe 120lbs is really benefiting from your drills. We modified his batting swing during this past off-season, per your instructions, and have definitely seen the power go up. He is a lefty that used to hit a lot of singles to opposite field. Now we are seeing doubles, triples, and 2 HR's so far early in our right field. He was never a pull hitter, but now is able to go that way with power while still going to left with a pitch. Thanks!"

Darryl West

"He [manager of the Tigers back when I played scout league ball in 97] wanted to know who taught my kid the swing that he has and I told him we drove up to Fresno, met Joey Myers and came back with it LOL. People are amazed at my son being a smaller kid hitting for power. His exit velo when we left you last year was between 56 and 62 now it is consistently 85-87. Thank you by the way!"

Jay Woolwine

"Hey Joey, I watched your video yesterday...the 'add 6mph to your bat speed' video.  We have a zepp trainer.  My son got 5mph average in one day.  Today we worked on it again and he got literally another 4mph average from 60mph to 70mph with a few in the mid 80's and a couple 90's!  Craziness ensued  :) Great stuff man - appreciate everything you do!"

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