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Catapult Loading System Sandy Arecena" son hit the ball over 280 feet several times already in the game not just practices...I played 10 years of professional baseball and I wish I could of used some of this advice."
- Sandy Arecena

Catapult Loading System Book

  • Dramatically increase power without sacrificing swing quality...
  • Discover how to apply CRITICAL human movement principles validated by REAL Science to hitting a ball...
  • In a reasonably short period of time, turn small hitters into big ones regardless of age, gender, or level...

The proven, repeatable (yet slightly counterintuitive) The Catapult Loading System has been sold and downloaded over 12,000 times - along with the online video courses, has already helped tens of thousands of coaches, which translates to hundreds of thousands of hitters nationwide. 

In this tell-all book, Joey Myers reveals this exact step-by-step principled hitting formula, as well as the unusual story behind its discovery.

Catapult Loading System Sandy Arecena"My 12 year old has always been a solid hitter but after working the PPD stuff he has started hitting the ball over the fence on the big field at 315 ft to center...He’s 5’3 and 120 pounds.
- Greg Del Mar

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VIDEO Lesson 1: What Chinese Finger Trap & Rotational Forces in the Body Have in Common

Claim Your FREE Copy of the Catapult Loading System Now and Get These FREE Training Bonuses... Learn the Science of how the body actually loads.  HINT: it's not ALL about the hands, hips, or legs (which are only 20-30% of consistent power)...


VIDEO Lesson 2: Learn Why What You Knew About Hip Thrust is ALL Wrong

Look at how two everyday forces within the body beautifully counteract each other in a dynamically powerful body (and it has NOTHING to do with Gravitational Forces).


VIDEO Lesson 3: 1 ODD Twist For Hitting Found In An Unlikely Place

Discover how eerily similar internal loading mechanisms are in World Record Holding Olympic Throwers to elite hitters.


VIDEO Lesson 4: Want To Hit Like Top MLB Players?

We're going to apply everything we've learned so far, and see how smaller hitters in the Big Leagues, are able to hit like BIG guys.  Every hitter is different, and results may vary, but they all seem to employ an internal loading mechanism (body's natural catapult effect).


VIDEO Lesson 5: 1-Joint Rule, Spinal Engine, & Fascia Principles

You'll learn three critical human movement principles validated by REAL Science that will help your hitter dramatically increase power without sacrificing swing quality.


VIDEO Lesson 6: tHE #1 Biggest Lie In Hitting

See how we answer the reader question: "Ways to use your hips to create bat speed?"  And we're NOT using an inward hip turn towards catcher to load.  We're using what's called the "Springy ‘X’ Pattern".


VIDEO Lesson 7: The Sooner You Know The Catapult Loading System The Better

In this video, we'll reveal the answer the another reader question: "What ideas do you have to help keep guys from flying open with their front shoulder and causing the backside to drop and drag through?"


VIDEO Lesson 8: The Sooner You Know The Goldilocks Golden Rule The Better

My go-to learning principle when teaching hitters.  Discover the most powerful - yet simple - learning strategy to use on hitters to make coaching sticky.


VIDEO Lesson 9: Here Is A Method That Is Helping Josh Donaldson Get On Time

In this video, we talk about when to start the load. In addition, discover one of my favorite drills to help hitters get to do the Varied Reaction LIVE Toss Drill.


Here Are Just a Few Of My Most Essential Drills You’ll Learn Inside Your FREE Copy of My Catapult Loading System Book...

  • Break-it-Apart Drill - fantastic way to break the swing apart, so you can help hitters learn the principles faster...

  • UPDATED Showing Numbers Drill - revised and updated.  This principle has been shown in multiple swing experiments to boost bat speed on average 5 to 6-mph in a reasonably short period of time...
  • UPDATED Down Shoulder Angle Drill - revised and updated.  This principle has been shown in multiple swing experiments to boost bat speed on average 4-mph in a reasonably short period of time...
  • Take Slack Out of the System Drill - not only does this drill help boost batted ball distance by increasing a hitter's levers, but it boosts the frequency a hitter strikes the ball on the sweet spot of the barrel!

And That’s Just 3 of 6 Powerful Principles...

You’ll Also Get Cutting Edge Training on Finger Pressure, One-Joint Rule, the "Hollow" Position... And Much, MUCH MORE!

See What Coaches & Parents Of ALL Levels Are Saying About The Catapult Loading System Book!

"You’re the first I’ve seen to successfully articulate and adopt human movement into anything practical. What you’ve put together is very impressive. Most of what I’ve come across, even from those in the profession that understand human movement are assessment methods and tools to analyze movement and posture only to sell a few methods to correct dysfunction issues. Few are willing or able to explain human movement the way you have. These principles are the key for both performance and injury management. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to help those looking to perfect their craft and for those of us out their trying to help them."

H. Orlando James

"Hey coach, even with Mia still hitting with her hands near hear head, Mia in a 3 game span, hit 3 home runs over the fence and a stand up double, three singles and four walks. Only made one out, a shot down first. She never had a series of games like this an especially playing with girls that are this much older. Mia is able to play in 12 and under, but she is playing in the high school division. Our sights are getting ready for October 4 and 5. That is when we go to the U of Florida camp. Their assistant coach has called Mia’s coach twice in the past week and wants us to call him this week. Let keep on course and work hard, thanks so much for all your help coach."

Primo Buffano

"Just want to say thank you. My son who is 14, 5’6” and maybe 120lbs is really benefiting from your drills. We modified his batting swing during this past off-season, per your instructions, and have definitely seen the power go up. He is a lefty that used to hit a lot of singles to opposite field. Now we are seeing doubles, triples, and 2 HR’s so far early in our season…to right field. He was never a pull hitter, but now is able to go that way with power while still going to left with a pitch. Thanks!"

Greg Uehling

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If it’s so good, why am I giving the book away for FREE?
There are a few reasons:

1. You'll read in the book about how I bottomed out in my hitting knowledge, noticing how similar my teachings were to others, predictably bad.

And how during that emotional breakdown time, I realized there were some KEY human movement principles in my business that if I hadn't used...

... my business would have crumbled to the ground around me.

Thankfully the principles you'll read about were actively working (even when I wasn't).

And someone, maybe you, will read this and immediately have the answers to your most frustrating hitting questions that could save YOUR students like they did mine.

2. There’s nothing out there like it. I wish there had been something like this book when I was getting started. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, stress, time, and money.

It came to be through trial and error. By testing, tweaking and optimizing my own processes to the point of complete predictability.

That's what was missing.

The ability to predict if a hitter would succeed BEFORE starting. Giving coaches a way to make decisions based on human movement principles validated by Science and NOT because-I-said-so "bro-science".

3. Let’s be completely honest here : By getting my book in your hands, I get some valuable shelf space in your hitting library.

4. Real-Deal Case Studies. Since anybody these days can put up a website and declare themselves a hitting “guru”, it’s hard to know who you can really trust to shoot straight.

This book contains only real proof from real case studies. And yes, I go into detail about what worked, and exactly how to achieve predictably positive hitting results with your hitters in a reasonably short period of time.

Some of these case studies have been kept under wraps until now. These real-life examples will totally change your thinking about what we do as hitting coaches—and give you lots of ideas on how you can do it better.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Catapult Loading System Joey Myers

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Catapult Loading System retails for $19.97 plus S&H on Amazon, but I've decided to GIVE you a copy! (Limit one per customer). All I ask is that you cover shipping & handling (just $7.95 anywhere in the USA). Your information remains private and will not be shared.