Joe Yurko Sports Psychology Part-2 - "He Called it the Paradox that the Upper Parts of our Brains Invent the Games that we Play... Then the Lower Parts are the Ones that Play it”

Here's what we go over in this part-2 episode with Joe Yurko:

  • Joe’s 10 Sports Psychology principles that are a part of his hitting system
  • Fear: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod Crane, in the story, he was afraid, but it was his own imagination that caused him to be afraid, there was no Headless Horseman.”
  • “These kids were walking around saying, we're going to face a guy throwing 95 miles an hour. I'm trying to counter that.”
  • Conscious Brain: “...your thinking parts, the parts that land rockets on the moon and invent sticky notes and whiteout and things like that.”
  • “The moment you said, I don't care anymore, you just turned your brain on.”
  • “He called it the paradox that the upper parts of our brains invent the games that we play... Then the lower parts are the ones that play it.”
  • Where can people find you Joe?

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