Zach Casto: What Do You See as Being the Top Two Things When It Comes to Organizational Practice at the High School Level That Maybe is Missing?

Here's what we go over in this episode:

  • “...hitting approach, something we've really used this fall to help assess our hitters and swing decisions”
  • What would you suggest, to say a little league coach, if you were to pick one of those [Blast, Hitting Approach, Quality At-bats,etc], what would you say would be the best for 12U?
  • “ manually put in where the pitch crossed the strike zone, and it's almost like having a spray chart, but just digitally and the cool aspect of it, from what I've gathered, what I've seen, is that it creates a heat map.”
  • You mentioned competitions in the outfield. Take me through that. What does that look like?
  • The four-seam spin, just by putting a thin piece of athletic tape on the four-seam, in the middle. Talk a little bit about that...
  • One of the other drills that you mentioned you didn't go into it too deep, but I'd like you to here, from Sammy's podcast, was a bucket drill. I think it had to do with the fly balls at the peak...
  • What do you see as being the top two things when it comes to organizational practice at the high school level that maybe is missing?
  • Where we can find you, give us a talk about your book Rounding Third and where people can buy it?

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