Mike Gillen Pitching: “Top Two Mistakes That Coaches Are Making In Teaching Pitching?”

Episode #33

Michael Gillen of PitcherPerfectPro.com

“Top Two Mistakes That Coaches Are Making In Teaching Pitching?”

What we go over:

  • Give us a little look at your setup over there...
  • Who you are, the kind of your mentors on the pitching side, who guides you and your training?
  • Top two mistakes that either pitchers or coaches are making in teaching pitching?
  • What do you feel with the whole Tommy John stuff? What do you feel like the top two issues that are leading to that?
  • When reading about spinal engine springy fascia, were you were able to apply those principles to pitching?
  • What are those two things that you go, alright, we need to fix those right away?
  • Like hitting, is there such thing as over-rotating when pitching?
  • Tell people where your website is, your social media, any kind of deals or what kind of deals that you do, obviously, locally, right? But are you doing some online lessons? Let people know that kind of stuff.

Click short link for transcribed interview in pdf format: http://gohpl.com/mikegillentranscription

Click short link for YouTube video of interview: http://gohpl.com/mikegillenvideo


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