Joe Yurko Sports Psychology - "What Do You Mean by You Can't ‘Try’ To Hit?"

In this episode with Joe Yurko, a retired teacher and baseball coach who taught a Sports Psychology class, we go over:

  • Teacher-coach, what you were teaching, the psychology side, give everybody a little bit of a background...

  • Joe Yurko’s 10 Rules for Sports Psychology Success
  • What do you mean by you can't ‘try’ to hit?
  • “The more you forget, the better you are at doing it, and the better you are doing it, the more you can forget.” - Lawrence Shainberg
  • How did you get out of your head and just react when you play?

  • The ‘Pattern Interrupt’
  • “The mind is a great thing unless you must use it.” – Tim McCarver
  • Joe, where can people find you?

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